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The trusted specification consultancy firm

Since our establishment in 2013, we have steadily grown our reputation as a trusted specification consultancy firm operating in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Our longevity in the industry speaks to our stability, reliability, and commitment to consistently exceeding our client expectations.

Specification content that builds a bridge between imagination and realisation.

We maintain our own baseline content for each of the regions we work in. This is our agile framework that serves as the cornerstone for our projects. These baselines, meticulously crafted and continuously refined by our team are the guiding templates for our projects.

Our Workflow

Recognising the unique nature of each project, with its distinct challenges and opportunities, we align with your project deadlines by establishing crucial milestones and checkpoints through collaborative effort within our team. We typically follow this set methodology on most projects but remain flexible should changes occur along the way.


Initial Project Brief

During this phase, our consultants collaborate closely with you to understand your project requirements and provide a personalised quote. We work together to establish the specifics of your needs and the functionality of our services.


Project Kick Off

The kick-off meeting is a crucial juncture where we acquaint ourselves with your team, record essential project information, and prepare for the drafting of specifications. It is also an opportune time to address any queries you may have.


Specification Production

Utilising our proprietary software, we embark on the production of your specifications. Simultaneously, we compile a query report aligned with the draft specification, enabling us to track project-specific queries and gather additional information vital for specification preparation.


Draft Issue

On a pre-determined date, we issue a draft specification, allowing you to review the progress and provide feedback. Our team then conducts a meeting to discuss your input, address queries, and make any necessary adjustments.



Ensuring top-quality outcomes is fundamental to our work. Our Proofreading team meticulously reviews your specification, guaranteeing precision and coherence throughout.


Document Issue

This phase marks the issuance of the project specific tender specification and then the finalised specification for contract issue.

Our Projects

From intimate residential designs to sprawling commercial ventures, we relish the challenge of adapting our skills to suit each unique endeavour. We develop specifications for the following project sectors.

Community & Cultural





Legal & Defence




Sports & Recreation